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How the VW Car-Net Lessens Your Worries About Your Teenager

How the VW Car-Net Lessens Your Worries About Your Teenager

The VW Car-Net is quite the accessory. Parent absolutely love it, while teenagers are happy, because their parents are more carefree about them driving.

The VW Car-Net is definitely the latest, and greatest, family guardian. It comes packed with tons of features that parents can use to ensure that their teenagers are safe while on the road, and not doing anything they're not supposed to be doing. Worry some parents can now sleep at night knowing while their teenager is in the car, they can check on everything they're doing, exactly where they're going and where they have been.

The Speed Alert Feature

This feature is a parent favorite, and the one that helps teenagers know their parents are at ease, because you can use the VW Car-Net website or application to set speed triggers. Once the vehicle has exceeded the speed you have set, you will get a notification through the application, email or through a text message telling you how fast the car was going. Knowing teenagers who love to go way over the speed limit, this feature will prove useful to parents who worry and want to avoid traffic tickets.

You as a parent will help to reinforce driving habits that are safe, provide awareness for family members or secondary drivers, choose a preferred method for notifications and store said notifications online for the purpose of viewing later on. The notifications are also amazingly useful for evidence when and if your teenager denies going over the speed limit you have set for them.

The Boundary Alert Feature

This is another favorite feature by parents because it allows you to define certain virtual boundaries, as well as "geofences" on the online map inside the car. Once the vehicle has crossed the boundaries you have set, you will get a notification through the app, text message or email. You can set the boundaries through the application or the main website. This feature is one of the best because it helps parents increase their awareness when it comes to their teenager's driving habits and behaviors.

The Remote Honk and Flash Feature

All parents want their teenagers to be safe while they are out with their friends, but sometimes unsafe situations happen. The Remote Honk and Flash feature is very beneficial for teenagers because they can use the application on their phones, or yours if they have called you while in danger, to honk the horn and flash the lights without even being in the car. This also helps assistance while locating the vehicle and will effectively call attention for safety when you or your teenager has found them to be in danger.

Last Parked Location

If your teenager left the house and has yet to answer your calls or anything in that matter, you are able to use the application on your phone to see where the car was parked last. This could also help your teen if they have parked in a busy parking lot and are unable of finding the car. Interestingly enough, this feature is available for up to four days after the car was parked, or the last activity of the engine.

Automatic Crash Notification

If an accident should occur while your teenage is driving the car, the car and application will detect airbag deployment or even a rollover, and a call will be triggered to VW Car-Net Customer Specialists. A call will then be sent to the local Public Safety Answering Point for the purpose of dispatching the right emergency services to the car's location, while keeping you informed of the situation.

Manual Emergency Call

You are able to make an emergency call to the authorities by pushing the SOS button inside the vehicle. Once that button has been pressed, information about the location of the vehicle will be transmitted over to the VW Car-Net Response Center. You will then be connected to the Public Safety Answering Point who will alert the authorities. This is beneficial for your teenager because in the case of the car being hijacked they can simply press the button and the call will go out.

The Car Your Teenagers Love

Parents are unbelievably happy with the VW Car-Net because of how safe it makes them feel about their teenagers when it's on the road. It gives parents a peace of mind knowing that whatever happens, their teenagers will be completely safe and secure.