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10 Reasons to Love the 2015 Volkswagen Jetta

10 Reasons to Love the 2015 Volkswagen Jetta

If you are looking for a smaller sized car why not check out the best on the market? You will be surprised how much car you get for your money. Features normally found only on larger cars are available on the VW Jetta and all for a surprisingly competitive price. If your already interested check out our wide range of new VW Jetta or used Jetta inventory. Or if you need more information, see our page about the 2016 Volkswagen Jetta

1. It’s a Volkswagen

Volkswagens are renown throughout the world for their build quality, style and engineering innovations. The German engineering in your VW Jetta just shouts quality from the moment you open the door your can feel the reassuring quality of your Jetta. The solid clunk as you shut the door makes you feel safe and secure from the moment you start off until you reach your destination.

2. Feature Packed

The Jetta will amaze you with its wide range of standard and optional features which aid not only the safety of you and your passengers but add to your comfort in so many ways. From the six ways that you can adjust your seat to reversing cameras. From heated seats when the weather is cooler to cooling seats when the weather is hotter.

3. Economical Without Sacrificing Comfort

The Jetta is economical and built with you and your passengers comfort in mind, whether you are driving in congested urban areas or cruising down the highway. With 23 miles per gallon in the city and 33 miles per gallon on the highway the cost of fuel is less of an issue when planning your journeys. Two different climates zones allow you to set different temperatures in the back and the front. Satellite radio allows you to listen to what you want where you want and Bluetooth allows to make and receive cell calls in safety.

4. Safety for Both You and Your Passengers

In your Jetta both you and your passengers will benefit from the many safety features that come as standard. The Jetta has a range of both passive, like adaptable airbags, and active safety systems, such as Forward Collision Warning system can help alert you to what’s ahead.

5. Deals That Will Amaze You

Hoy Volkswagen in El Paso will offer you deals that will amaze you. They say that quality comes at a price – it does, but with the Jetta you will be amazed at how little that price can be for so much car. The only regrets you will have is that you haven’t owned a VW Jetta sooner.

6. Whatever Your Driving Needs, the Jetta Can Cope

The options on the Volkswagen Jetta will allow you to do whatever it is that you need to do, from taking you and your four passengers with luggage across country or just making a short trip to the store. The luggage space is the best in its class.

7. A Car With a Fine Pedigree

Your Volkswagen Jetta is manufactured by the same company that makes Porsche, Audi, Lamborghini and Bentley. As such you can benefit from a car that shares technologies right across the group. Volkswagen has not been awarded more “World Car of the Year” awards that any other motor manufacturer by being satisfied with being second best.

8. Worry Free Ownership

Both Volkswagen and Hoy Volkswagen are so confident of the reliability of your Jetta they will offer you an excellent warranty as standard with the option to extend as very reasonable prices. You will have the peace of mind knowing that you will have trouble free motoring for years to come.

9. Technologically Advanced

The Jetta has an amazing range of technological features to help and inform you. If you should be unfortunate to be in a crash your Jetta will automatically unlock your doors, turn on your hazard warning lights and send a message to summon assistance. If your car should be stolen your Jetta will allow you and, with your permission, law enforcement to track it. If you lend your car to your teenaged child you can check where they go and what speeds they are doing while they are driving. All from a smartphone app if you want to.

10. "I own a Volkswagen"

Dropping that in to a conversation lets people know that you are a person of discerning taste who recognizes quality and value when you see it. Let’s be honest, who doesn’t want that thought about themselves?

The list could go on and on but why not find out for yourself just how much more the Jetta has to offer you. Just call into Hoy VW today and check out a Volkswagen Jetta for yourself. The deals and offers will amaze you – You’ll be glad that you did. Check out our location, Hoy Volkswagen in El Paso, Texas.

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